What is the Difference Between the Tanks?

16273116162_c63faccdbf_kAs the technology for vape and vape products advances, consumers can sometimes get swept up and confused on what is what. As of now, there are three popular types of tanks, which is the part of a vaporizer that goes on on top of the battery or power supply. These tanks are The clearomizer, the cartomizer and the atomizer styled tanks. Each of these tanks is designed to hit a specific way, and they can definitely change the flavor of the eJuice depending on the strength of battery or type of coil. How, with all this changing technology, does someone decide which option they would use? By informing themselves on the products of course. For starter kits, accessories, and juices, visit this great online e-juice Farm supplier.

8687542958_54bb347d20_oThe atomizers are the original type of vape. Most atomizers use a metal mesh on the bottom. This mesh is what collects the vape juice and sends it to the heat source, which is a small heating coil on the bottom of the vape. This heat source makes the oil heat up, creating the “smoke” that users inhale. They are usually cheaper, fairly easy to refill and they keep the taste of the juice a bit truer, which means it will taste better for the user. However, if you are a constant user of a vape these can become a hassle quickly due to the constant refilling. Additionally, the tanks are not see through so it is hard to gauge how much liquid is left.

The cartomizer is a step above the atomizer. Instead of the metal mesh, cartomizers have what is called a polyfill coating the heating coil. The polyfill collects the juice to be burned by the heated coil. These are much larger than an atomizer, which means you don’t have to interrupt your vaping to refill your juice as often as with the atomizer. The biggest problem people experience with these types of tanks, is that some flavor from the previous juice will cary over, which diminishes the flavor of whichever new juice you are using. Additionally, the burn can sometimes lesson the flavor the the juice as well. However, it doesn’t change the flavor into anything bland or burnt, so it’s still a good option for people who don’t like dripping their juice into the atomizer.

9792371543_e26f58b1ae_kClearomizers are starting to become the most popular option for vape users. Usually, these are made from clear glass so you can keep an eye on your juice levels at all times. Additionally, they come with a replaceable coil. This can lower cost in the long run because you won’t need to replace the entire tank when it burns out, you can simply buy a pack of silica wicks to replace the ones you’ve already used. Because these carry a larger amount of juice than the other two, the mouthpiece is usually drip protectant to make sure the oils don’t ever leak out. Because they use a wick, they may carry over flavor from one fill to the next. If you’re using a clearomizer or a cartomizer, try to stick with flavors of juice that mix well so this transition state doesn’t come with a bad taste.